Mitsubishi Chubu Eneco

Mitsubishi and Chubu Complete EUR 4.1 Bn Acquisition of Eneco

Mitsubishi and Chubu Electric have officially acquired all shares of Eneco through its joint venture for a total value of 4.1 billion euros In November 2019, Mitsubishi Corporation (MC) and Chubu Electric were selected as the preferred buyers in a bid for the Dutch Energy Company – Eneco. Both firms had since been completing the […]

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Mitsubishi-Chubu Consortium to buy Eneco for EUR 4.1 bn

Eneco and a consortium of Mitsubishi and Chubu have reached an agreement on the proposed sale of all shares in Eneco for a total value of EUR 4.1 billion. Netherlands based producer and suppliers of natural gas, electricity and heat, Eneco has announced that the shareholders’ committee, Eneco and a consortium of Mitsubishi Corporation and […]

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