Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

US At Risk Of Falling Behind RE Target Post-IRA: Report

A collaborative report on clean energy released by the Rhodium Group, in partnership with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), states that despite reaching record levels of investment in utility-scale clean electricity generation and storage capacity in 2023, the US has a risk of falling behind post-IRA (Inflation Reduction Act) projections. While renewable electricity has […]

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Hyundai to Invest $100 M in Solid-state Battery Developer Solid Energy

Hyundai Motor Co, a South Korean automotive manufacturer of international repute, will invest USD 100 million in solid-state battery specialist Solid Energy System (SES) corporations, according to recent media reports. The company appears to have signed an equity investment agreement with SES. A spin-off from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Solid Energy has developed a prototype lithium metal […]

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