To Meet AgriPV Capacity Of 20 GW In India By 2040, 1.1 Lakh Jobs To Be Created-Report

India’s potential for Agri-Photovoltaic (APV) varies significantly across districts, ranging from 3,156 GW to 13,803 GW for various APV technologies according to recent report. In a report by the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, EY, and CSTEP they projected APV capacity from 2024 to 2040, to achieve a cumulative addition of 20 GW and […]

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Solar Became Cheapest Fuel Source For Newly-Built Power Systems: EY

The latest report by Ernst and Young (EY) claimed that solar energy emerged as the cheapest fuel source for newly built power systems globally, fueling a faster energy transition. The report said that despite the challenges like inflation and price rises, solar power seemed to be the leader. It claimed that with its lowest Levelized Cost […]

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SolarEdge Brings Latest Offering 330kW Inverter & Optimiser to Market

Israel-based firm that delves into manufacturing solar inverters, SolarEdge has introduced a 330kW inverter, its latest offering along with a “complementing” H1300 power optimiser. The products are designed in a way that they can be installed on small- to medium-scale ground-mount arrays. The firm adds that the innovation is primarily for use in community solar […]

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Drop In Solar Costs Put At 3% by IRENA for 2021-22 Period

The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) has published a report into the cost of producing power in 2022, putting the drop in levelised cost of electricity (LCOE) in the solar PV sector at 3% in 2022, and 89% between 2010 and 2022. The findings will be no surprise to industry insiders, considering how the drop […]

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Growatt Unveils New C&I Inverter ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ for India

Growatt, a global distributed energy solution provider, has established a development platform to enable the development of and iterate products efficiently. The firm, guided by its R&D team, has introduced its latest inverter– the ‘MID 33-50KTL3-X2’ , which, it says, is poised to address critical challenges faced by the rapidly developing photovoltaic (PV) industry. India […]

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TrinaTracker Unveils Second Generation Vanguard 2P Technology

TrinaTracker, the smart tracker solution provider under Trina Solar, has launched the second generation of the Vanguard 2P tracker. TrinaTracker held that the new tracker system is equipped with its latest multi-motor control system. The 2P configuration and the fewer-pile design features are proven to significantly reduce BOS costs, says TrinaTracker, especially for harsh soiling […]

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Corporate Renewable Procurement of 7 GW Sets New Record in Asia Pacific

A study authored by Kyeongho (Ken) Lee, Principal Analyst, Asia Pacific Power & Renewables at Wood Mackenzie reveals that Corporations in Asia Pacific are set to contract a record 7 GW of renewable capacity in 2022. This is an 80% increase on 2021 as markets emerge from pandemic-related disruptions. Demand is largely driven by ambitious […]

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LONGi To Showcase Hi-MO 5 Series, Hydrogen Business at Indian Expo

A world leader in clean energy, China-based LONGi has announced that it will be showcasing its award-winning Hi-MO 5 Series at the Renewable Energy India Expo 2022 and also unveil the company’s new Hydrogen Business exclusively for the Indian customers. The 15th Edition of Renewable Energy India Expo will be happening from 28-30 September at […]

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Bifacial Shipments for Longi Solar Cross 10 GW Milestone

China’s Longi Solar, a national champion that has long sought global heft too, has informed that its high-efficiency bifacial modules have now crossed 10GW in shipments. The firm hopes to take production to 12GW by the end of 2020. Bifacial modules have been around for a whole now, and in some markets like India, still […]

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