Horizon 2020

Hungarian Village Gets Mobile Energy Storage Unit

German electric utility E.ON has been developing large-scale mobile and flexible battery storage systems (BESS) in Hungary to facilitate the integration of new green power plants into existing grids at short notice. Last week the company connected the third such mobile storage system to the local distribution grid in Dúzs. The move was part of the EU-funded […]

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Europe Develops Portable Solar ‘Plug and Play’ System under its ‘Horizon 2020’ Programme

The developers claim the cost of energy produced by the portable solar generator to be half the cost of energy produced by diesel generators. European Commission regulated ‘Horizon 2020’ has developed a standalone, easy-to-install, photovoltaic generator, ‘SUNINBOX’, where all the equipment is configured in the factory ready for use as a portable ‘plug and play’ […]

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