fatih Birol

Renewables Powering Through the Pandemic: IEA

Renewable electricity expanded at fastest pace in two decades, with huge additions of solar and wind becoming the ‘new normal’ going forward Renewable sources of electricity such as wind and solar grew at their fastest rate in two decades in 2020 and are set to expand in coming years at a much faster pace than […]

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Demand for Clean Minerals to Rise while Pursuing ‘Net-zero’ Goals: IEA

In the most comprehensive global study yet, IEA shows need for government action to ensure reliable, sustainable supplies of elements vital for EVs, power grids, wind turbines and other key technologies Supplies of critical minerals essential for key clean energy technologies like electric vehicles and wind turbines need to pick up sharply over the coming […]

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IEA Predicts Global Energy Demand Recovery Only In 2025, Key Solar Role

The International Energy Agency (IEA), in its annual World Energy Outlook 2020, (WEO-2020) has predicted a return to normalcy for world energy demand only by 2025. This is mainly due to the sluggish recover being experienced from the Covid pandemic worldwide, including fears of a second wave of infections in key markets like Europe and […]

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