EV Startups

EV Startup Arrival Partners With Uber For Electric Ride-Hailing Car

UK based electric vehicle EV startup, Arrival has announced its partnership with a ride-hailing giant Uber, to work on an electric vehicle (EV) for the ride-hailing industry. Both the companies will be working together to develop an affordable, purpose-built EV for ride-hailing drivers and will be designed in partnership with Uber drivers. The EV has […]

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Grinntech To Boost Up Lithium-Ion Batteries Production in New Manufacturing Plant

Grinntech, a startup focused on Lithium-Ion batteries for electrical vehicles (EVs) and energy storage systems announced the inauguration of their larger manufacturing plant in Chennai. The new manufacturing plant is built on a one-acre plot, it will have a capacity to produce 400 MWh per year of Lithium-Ion batteries suitable for electric two-wheelers, three-wheelers, farm […]

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