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The Top 5: Steps To Ensure High Performance From Your EV Battery 

For an EV, the battery is the most critical component. Even from a cost viability perspective, the battery’s cost constitutes around 30-40 per cent of the total cost of an EV. Thus, getting the best possible performance and longevity from the battery certifies the worth of the EV too. This article outlines the five steps […]

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The Top 5: Upcoming Electric Cars in India – Battery Capacity and Range

The Indian EV market saw a brilliant 168 per cent increase in sales in 2021, with an influx of big additions like the BMW iX, Porsche Taycan, and Tata Tigor EV. Similarly, in the near future, the Indian market hopes to see some of the brilliant upcoming models of electric cars. While there can be […]

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The Top 5: Reasons Indians are Hesitant to go with E2W

India is the largest two-wheeler mobility market in the world, with sales peaking at 21 million units in 2019. With the growing concerns over pollution-induced climate change, electric mobility is seen as a substitute for fossil-fuel-dependent conventional vehicles. Two wheelers is also where adoption is expected to be earlier and faster due to lower costs […]

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