Energy Efficient Solutions

Viz-A-Viz with Venkatesh Dwivedi, Director (Projects), Energy Efficiency Services Limited

EESL Working Towards Removing Various Hurdles to Facilitate E-Mobility Growth EESL has been working towards removing various hurdles to facilitate the growth of electric mobility in the country. With our approach of demand aggregation and bulk procurement, we have been able to contribute to addressing significant challenges like low demand, the high upfront cost of […]

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EESL Inks MoUs with 5 Organisations to Implement Energy Efficient Solns

Both EESL and USAID partnered to develop strategies for the roll-out of scalable, market-led solutions for sustainable cooling technologies and superefficient buildings under the MAITREE programme. Energy Efficiency Services Ltd (EESL), a joint venture of PSUs under the Union Ministry of Power, signed agreements with five Indian organisations with an aim to demonstrate a cross-cutting […]

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