Australia rooftop solar

Problem of Solar Plenty in Australia As Regulator Considers Two Way Pricing

Australia, where rooftop solar PV has been a huge success, with rooftop solar nudging past the 13 GW mark earlier this year, faces a touch new choice on keeping the momentum up. The Australian Energy Market Commission (AEMC), in a draft  paper, has proposed offering two-way pricing to address the issue of network congestion on […]

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3 GW of Rooftop Solar in 2020, And a Grid Headache for Australia

Australia, after a reluctant embrace of renewable energy initially, has practically broken down the door for renewable energy now. The world’s largest coal exporter is racing to build solar, sometimes faster than the grids can keep up. The Clean Energy Regulator, the government entity tasked with tracking and administering renewable incentives, among other things, has […]

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