Mi LED Smart Bulb

Mi LED Smart Bulb

Mi Smart Bulb

Product Brief: The LED smart bulb from Mi (Xiaomi) is a new home lighting bulb that the Chinese company has released for the global market. The products trial run for a small batch finished successfully earlier this month. The RGB colour lighting and 4000K bulb configuration enable the smart bulb to feature over 16 million possible colour options.

Product Features: The smart bulb comes with a built-in patch for compatibility with both the Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa. The light offers (through mobile phone application) an option to adjust the colour temperature and brightness of the light to match the requirements.

Application: Home Lighting System

Benefits: The bulb was designed to match the build quality of a standard bulb for daily and practical applications. Offers adjustable brightness depending on the need, and can be fixed between 80 to 800 lumens. Compatibility with Alexa and Google Assistant make it possible to control the light with voice commands. Rated at 10W for shining at 800 lumens, the bulb consumes less power and has a tested lifespan of over 25000 hours.

Availability: The product was available for purchase on the company website during a trial run for Rs 999.

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