Wind Farms in Brazil’s Northeast Hit New Peak Generation Record, Again!

Highlights :

  • Wind Parks in the Brazilian Northeast have again broken peak generation records, hitting 11,548 MW at 23:56 local time on July 8.
  • Brazilian wind facilities are expected to generate enough power to account for 13.2% of the country’s whole electrical mix by end-2025.

The Brazilian Northeast wind parks generated their peak —11,548 MW — at 23:56 local time on July 8, according to data from the National Electric System Operator (ONS). The volume produced by wind parks accounted for 99.2% of the regional need.

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This is the second time the region has broken its generation record this month. The previous one was on July 2, with 11,354 MW produced, according to data from ONS. On that same day, the Northeast wind farms also generated 9,707 average megawatts (MWa), which was enough to meet 91.9% of the region’s load.

The solar plants also broke a previous record last month, hitting 1,873 MW at 12:25 local time on June 28.

Overall, ONS estimates that Brazilian wind facilities will be able to generate enough power to account for 13.2% of the country’s whole electrical mix by end-2025.

According to a recent announcement, French renewable energy company Qair has signed an initial deal to build an offshore wind farm, with 1,216 MW capacity, to support green hydrogen production in the northern Brazilian state of Ceará.

Wind generation in Brazil reached the mark of 19 GW of installed capacity, which represents 10% of the national electricity matrix. According to data presented by the Brazilian Wind Energy Association (Abeeólica), there are 726 wind farms and more than 8,500 wind turbines in operation. A decade ago, the segment still had just over 1.5 GW of capacity and today it is the second largest, only behind hydroelectric generation. According to Abeeólica’s forecast, Brazil should have around 30.2 GW of installed power in 2024.

Turbine-making giant Vestas also signed a new agreement this year with Omega Energia for a 212 MW Assuruá 4 project, located in the cities of Gentio do Ouro and Xique-Xique, in Bahia, a northeastern Brazilian state. The order includes 47 V150-4.2 MW wind turbines delivered in 4.5 MW Power Optimised Mode as well as a 10-year Active Output Management 5000 (AOM 5000) service contract, optimising the energy production for the lifetime of the project.

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