UPCL Floats Tender for Supply of 900 Solar Meters

Dehradun-based Discom, Uttarakhand Power Corporation Ltd (UPCL) has floated a tender for the supply of a total number of 900 single-phase (10-60A) whole current solar meters with box.

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smart meter for solar systems

The last date and time for submission of bid is May 27, 2020, at 5 p.m.

Also, the estimated cost of tender is Rs 19.80 lakh, and the earnest money deposited (EMD) is Rs 59,400, while the tender fee is Rs 1,180 only.

For the eligibility criterion, bidders must be original reputed manufacturers of the meter or their accredited representative (Accreditation must be at least one year old at the time of bidding) and possess a valid BIS certification for this class of meters. They must also have ISO 9001: 2000 or higher certification.

Besides, the manufacturer must have manufactured and supplied at least 300 percent of the tendered of single-phase solar meter or similar electronic meters of higher capacity to government departments in the last 3 financial years. The bidders must also submit performance certificates for at least 150 percent of the tendered quantity of meters.

Additionally, the bidder must have had an average yearly turnover of Rs 59.40 lakh for the preceding 3 financial years prior to tendering.

They must also have all necessary testing facilities at their works for carrying out such routine and acceptance tests as prescribed in the relevant ISS and International standards and any other routine and acceptance test as specified in the specification.

Moreover, the offered equipment must have been fully type tested from government approved and NABL accredited testing laboratories as per relevant ISS and/or any other specified international standards, during last 2 years period to be reckoned from the date of opening of tender.

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