UK’s Largest Subsidy-Free Solar + Storage Project Successfully Commissioned

UK’s Largest Subsidy-Free Solar + Storage Project Successfully Commissioned

First of its kind in the United Kingdom (UK), a largest subsidy-free solar-plus-storage system has successfully put into operation.

The commissioning of this project is a significant development for UK’s solar industry as it will offer an important opportunity for the next phase of growth for the solar market.


The plant is located in Yorkshire County in northern England and comprised of 34.7 MW of solar power and 27.5MW/30MWh of energy storage. It used 1500Vdc PV&ESS solution of Sungrow, one of the leading inverter solution suppliers for renewables. This solar plus storage project is UK’s first government project to achieve 100 percent clean energy.

Further, the excess energy generated will be stored in the Sungrow’s lithium-ion battery system. This will help in getting more economical pricing for the solar energy plant output. It will also help in providing grid balancing service to the National Grid.

This solar plus storage project is integrated with Sungrow’s 1500Vdc PV solution SG3125HV-MV, all-in-one ESS SC2500HV-MV and Samsung SDI Mega M2F battery modules. Also, the company’s new high performing PCS SC2500HV-MV has ability to deliver high efficiency and compatible with high voltage battery system to improve yields and trim O&M costs.

The solar plant installed bifacial solar panels with single-axis trackers, and this system can contribute in generating approx 20 percent more power. Also, the plant is expected to supply solar energy to about 10,000 households every year.

Commenting on the development, Andrew Lycett, General Manager of Sungrow UK, said “we’re proud to be part of this game-changing solar-plus-storage project. It provides industry a viable pipeline in addressing the challenges of the energy transition, while supporting clean energy innovation and saving money on energy bills.”

“Sungrow continues to be a clean energy leader and this project is a prime example of that leadership delivering benefits to the local community,” Lycett added.

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Manu Tayal

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