Turkey Moves To Regulate Solar Imports From Non-China Countries

Turkey Moves To Regulate Solar Imports From Non-China Countries As Protectionist Walls Come Up, China's Solar Giants Pin Hopes On Global Growth

In an interesting move, Turkey has moved to create a level playing field for all countries exporting solar equipment to the country.

The Ministry of Trade has announced a new measure that seeks to regulate solar panel imports from Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Croatia, and Jordan. Under the measure from March 26, importers will be required to pay a security deposit of $25 per square meter for these imports.

This move by the Ministry of Trade places all countries at par with China, whose solar exports to Turkey are subject to the same rule from earlier. In that sense, it levels the playing field for China based firms.

The move follows an investigation initiated on Nov. 25, 2023, scrutinizing the import practices of these solar panels.

Turkey joins many other countries, from India to the US, that have also sought to protect domestic industry from ‘unfair’ imports, be it from China, or as suspected by Turkey in this case, those routed through other countries.

Worryingly for the firms involved, the government notification states that “If the ongoing investigation concludes with further protective measures, these security deposits will contribute to the treasury. Should the investigation close without additional measures, the deposits will be refunded.”

The move by Turkey follows a global push to build domestic supply chains for key renewable energy sectors, with solar right at the top for many. China’s absolute dominance in the sector has meant that many have started by targeting Chinese imports, while being careful to keep it all in control, since every part of the supply chain depends on Chinese support. For Turkey, which has benefited significantly as a supplier of both men and material to the global oil and gas sector till now, the need to ensure the energy sector remains a strong sector for employment and revenues remains critical.

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Tony Cheu

Tony is a BSc who has shifted from a career in finance to journalism recently. Passionate about the energy transition, he is particularly keen on the moves being made in the OECD countries to contribute to the energy transition.