Trina Tracker Launches A Tracker+Module Combo Promising Higher Efficiency

Trina Tracker Launches A Tracker+Module Combo Promising Higher Efficiency Trina Solar's 210mm Modules Hit 100 GW Milestone in 2023

TrinaTracker has launched its smart tracking optimal combination solution consisting of the new Vanguard 1P tracker and 700w+ modules. Unveiled on December 15, the enhanced Vanguard 1P module is a high-quality product that the firm claims offers increased security and reliability. It meets the requirements of customers who need trackers in composites application contexts.

Easy Installation To Cut Costs

TrinaTracker has launched the new offering with a key promise of lower costs and faster installations. TrinaTracker uses a quick installation solution that reduces installation costs and improves construction efficiency within complex installation environments. The new Vanguard 1P module features a hose design that cuts torsion tube connection time in half. Its multi-point drive system reduces system installation time by 30%. Cut spherical bearings and quick sand purlin installation system can reduce installation time by 20% and 30% respectively.

The new Vanguard 1P module comes with the latest proprietary SuperTrack smart algorithm and Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform. The firm claims that compared to traditional algorithms, SuperTrack can generate energy savings of up to 8%. The solution adopts self-learning and self-optimization approaches to detect optimized parameters in real-time, reducing power losses due to shading in complex terrain. The Trina Smart Cloud monitoring platform allows you to monitor the operating status of the tracker and determine problems in real-time. It offers special features such as data sharing, a 3D digital map and follower status checking, which can be used to efficiently solve operational and maintenance problems in complex terrain.

In addition, TrinaTracker’s new design and flexibility promotes the efficient use of irregular plots of land, overcoming the problem of underutilized areas. With the new version of Vanguard 1P, the number of trackers per MW can be reduced by 43%, the number of masts per MW can be reduced by 4%, and installed capacity can be increased by 16% compared to conventional 1P trackers, further reducing installation and supply costs.

Quan Peng, Head of Research and Development at Trina Solar Co Ltd’s Tracker Division, said: “The new generation of Vanguard 1P modules combines the key strengths of adaptability to terrain, construction, climate and the surrounding environment. It is ideal for 700W+ modules. Compared with 630W modules, the use of the combination of the new Vanguard 1P and 700W+ modules can reduce installation and supply costs by 0.038 yuan per watt and improve intrinsic efficiency by up to 0.4% under typical operating conditions on flat terrain.”

With the new higher efficiency, larger modules dominating the market now, tracker firms have been in a race to keep up, and one can be sure to hear of many such innovations and improvements from other market players too. Trina, with its major presence on the module market as well, has an advantage of more data on module performances, besides the data from its installed base.  It has just crossed the 100 GW number for module shipments of its 210 mm sized modules.

The 210mm module, introduced to the market in 2020, has demonstrated significant success in contributing to the company’s impressive shipping milestones.

Built on the advanced 210mm product technology platform, Trina Solar’s golden size modules featuring high power, high efficiency, high reliability and high energy yield with lower LCOE and covering small, medium and large-formats, provide solutions for ground-mounted power stations, residential and commercial and industrial settings. They have been touted as an ideal option in settings such as such deserts, mountains, grasslands, water surfaces, mudflats and rooftops. By the third quarter of this year Trina Solar’s cumulative shipments of modules had exceeded 170GW.


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