The Year 2021 For SaurEnergy. Learnings, Gratefulness and Plans For 2022

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  • A quick look at what 2021 delivered to us, and what we hope from 2022
The Year 2021 For SaurEnergy. Learnings, Gratefulness and Plans For 2022

Dear Reader,

Usually, when we write an article to be published, it is done with a very clear focus that it should meet either of two clear objectives. Deliver hard news to you, or provide an insight that will help you get a better understanding of the renewable sector.

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In the latter of course, we regularly fall back on Industry leaders and experts to provide inputs, or do the explaining. And for that, we remain grateful to the many people across companies, government departments and other experts who took out the time to respond, and contribute to enriching the discourse around renewable energy. A special shout out also to so many of you who send in your contributions in terms of ideas, facts, and information.

2021- Growth Like Never Before  

If 2021 set new records for capacity additions in India, it was shown in the interest we got too. A quick recap of the year in numbers here for us. During the year, we got almost 3.1 million unique visitors in all, who helped us cross total pageviews of almost 16 million, an over 30 percent jump over 2020. While visitors from India logged the highest share at just over 78 percent, it was pleasing to see traffic from other key geographies, particularly South Asia and the Middle East. These numbers we believe place us firmly in the leaders slot for the Indian market, and in time, Asia wide and more, as we strive harder.

This growth has also found resonance on our social media pages, where growth varied between 30% on Linkedin to over 100% on Twitter. Momentum has been particularly strong in the previous few months, and it is something we hope to continue to build on. The icing on the cake has been an average monthly addition of over 750 subscribers to our online newsletters, which continue to have amazing open up rates. Even our jobs section, that we launched in 2021, has grown quickly to become a key resource for so many of our readers.

Interestingly, some of the most well read stories of the year online were the cover features we did for our monthly print magazine, Saur Energy International, pointing to some vindication on our choice of issues and topics for the cover. A special thanks to our delivery service and printers, for their special efforts to ensure that in 2021, every issue was printed and delivered to subscribers despite all the challenges.

Even as we are bracketed as a B2B publisher in the renewables domain, at SaurEnergy, we have never quite seen our role as limited to just B2B news, seeing how thirsty readers remain for knowledge on the renewables domain. That made our expansion of coverage into EV’s, battery storage, and Green Hydrogen (Now increasingly through our sister site on sustainability, IAmRenew) a natural move for us.

All of this should please our advertisers no end, and we are delighted to see that in the form of your continued trust in us, and the addition of many new advertisers during the year. In 2021, we finished with over 70 unique advertisers finally, a welcome milestone for us. A special thank you to you too.

What Next? Watch Out For Much More!

So what can you expect in 2022? As always, we will seek to bring you the most exhaustive coverage of the news that matters, with a digital first strategy that focuses on speed and facts. The magazine will be used to do a deep dive into issues that deserve a closer look, and a broader perspective from stakeholders.

Covid permitting, you shall also see a lot more new initiatives, both online and offline, like the jobs section we launched in 2021.

In doing all this, our guiding principle will just be one. To bring you all the information you could possibly need to stay informed and grow.

Thank you once again for your patience, and time invested with us.

A Very Happy New Year From All Of Us At SaurEnergy!

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Prasanna Singh

Prasanna has been a media professional for over 20 years. He is the Group Editor of Saur Energy International