Tender Floated for Off-Grid Solar Power Supply to LED Pathway Lights for Indian Navy

Tender Floated for Off-Grid Solar Power Supply to LED Pathway Lights for Indian Navy

State-owned Military Engineer Services (MES), which provides an infrastructure for armed forces, has invited bids for the supply of distributed solar energy to LED pathway lights.

Pathway Lights

The scope of work includes the provisioning of off-grid solar electric supply to LED pathway lights at Nofra under GE Gomantak Vasco.

The start date and time for downloading of tender document is May 23, 2020, at 1800 hours onwards, and the end date and time for submitting bids is May 30, 2020, up to 1800 hours. However, the submitted bids will be opened on June 02, 2020, at 1100 hours onwards at CWE Navy Vasco.

Further, the tender fee is Rs 500, and the earnest money deposited (EMD) for the project is fixed at Rs 23,200. The tender value or estimated cost of the projects is Rs 11.60 lakhs and the period of completion of work is 180 days.

Moreover, MES has advised interested bidders that they must ensure that their original DDs and earnest money (as applicable) are received within 7 days of bid submission end date.

However, in case of applications and bids from un-enlisted contractors, where scanned copies of requisite DD and bankers cheque towards the cost of the tender has been uploaded but physical copies are not received by the stipulated date, finance bids will not be opened.

Those contractors enlisted with MES will need to upload following documents for checking eligibility i.e. – application for bid in Firm’s letterhead; enlistment letter along with reclassification for FY 2016-2020; a scanned copy of DD of cost of tender and EMD (wherever applicable); a scanned copy of EPF registration certificate; and scanned copy of GST registration.

Besides, it has also been directed that the bidders will not load beyond their tendering limit as under:-

(i) In case contractors of the eligible class are selected for the issue of tender – 4 to 5 times the tendering limit.

(ii) In the case of one class below (two-class in case of the remote and difficult area as the case may be), contractors are selected for the issue of tender – 6 to 7 times.

(iii) In the case of unenlisted contractors – 2 times the upper tendering limit of class for which contractors meets the criteria for enlistment.

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