Suntech Supplied Bifacial Modules for Hybrid PV Project in UK

Suntech Supplied Bifacial Modules for Hybrid PV Project in UK

One of the leading makers of high-performance photovoltaic (PV) products, Suntech has supplied its PV bifacial modules for the hybrid solar plus storage project in the UK.

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Further, the project is claimed to be the first in the country to boast single-axis trackers and bifacial modules.

This solar farm having a 34.7 MW of capacity has been developed by the UK solar developer Gridserve.

Also, this project is thought to be the most northerly combination of the two cutting edge technologies in the world, bifacial modules and trackers – and the site ‘stacks’ a number of revenue streams in order to be financially feasible without subsidy support.

On this subsidy-free project, Toddington Harper, Chief Executive at Gridserve, commented that subsidy-free projects such as this demonstrate that the UK is capable of meeting its net zero obligations well before 2050.

He further added that “we’ve completely rethought the solar model to maximize value, and we’ve now demonstrated that we have what it takes to make projects like this a reality. To replicate this success, we are now looking to partner with additional landowners, developers, and to acquire project rights.”

Commenting on the development, Vincent Cao, Vice President of Suntech, said that in the past 19 years, Suntech has striven to deliver high-quality and cost-effective PV products to the market. We will keep on working with valued partners like Gridserve and wholeheartedly provide reliable products to all our customers.

Meanwhile, this first of its kind hybrid solar plus storage energy project in the UK installed over Suntech’s 90,000 bifacial PV modules, along with the Nextracker’s single-axis trackers.

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