SunPower Releases “Solid” Financial Results for Q1 2021

SunPower Releases “Solid” Financial Results for Q1 2021

SunPower, a California-headquartered solar power generation and energy storage company, has released its financial results for the first quarter of 2021 ended April 4, 2021.

The company’s GAAP revenue increased from $290.5 millions in Q1 2020 to $306.4 millions in Q1 2021. GAAP loss decreased by $57.6 million, including $44.7 million related to a mark-to-market loss on equity investments, $7.1 million related to results of operations of legacy business to be exited, $5.0 million related to stock-based compensation expense, $5.2 million related to litigation costs, $3.8 million related to restructuring charges, and $1.0 million related to business reorganization costs. This was partially offset by $5.4 million gain on sale and impairment of residential lease assets and $3.8 million for income taxes and other non-recurring items. Gross margin increased by 660 basis points (BPS) YOY and improved linearity compared to prior years. The firm generated positive cash flow at the business unit level and repaid our 8.5 percent CEDA loan early in April.

“We are starting to see the margin benefit of our new financing programs as our blended residential loan and lease cost of capital is now below six percent and are also taking a number of steps to expand our addressable market and platform offerings. Given these initiatives and the continued mix shift to full systems, we expect our value creation to essentially double in 2021,” said Manavendra Sial, chief financial officer at SunPower.

The American firm’s C&I Solutions business performed well in the first quarter as MW recognised rose 22 percent YOY and revenue rose 23 percent. The company also maintained its leading market share during the quarter as its commercial project backlog expanded to 275 MW giving the company strong 2022 commercial project visibility. Demand for its Helix® storage solution remained high as the company saw strong initial customer traction for its front of the meter storage solution while continuing to grow its community solar pipeline which now exceeds 115 MW.

The company also states that it benefited from its commercial stand-alone storage initiative, booking more than 11 MWh of projects during the quarter as customers continue to focus on resiliency and energy cost savings. The company is also seeing continued success in its front of the meter storage initiatives with more than 20 MWh currently under contract and more than 400 MWh awarded or shortlisted. With more than 250 MWh of Helix storage contracted or awarded to date, the company believes C&I Solutions is well positioned to capitalize on the increased demand for its commercial storage and services solutions with both the back of meter and front of meter markets.

SunPower predicts second quarter GAAP revenue of $295 to $345 million, GAAP net loss of $12 million to $1 million, MW recognized of 120 MW to 150 MW and Adjusted EBITDA in the range of $16 to $27 million. For fiscal year 2021, given the continued confidence in its business post the quarter, the company still expects revenue growth of approximately 35 percent and MW recognized growth of approximately 25 percent. Given strong industry tailwinds, further anticipated federal policy support as well increased demand for its residential and commercial storage solutions, the company continues to expect 2022 Adjusted EBITDA growth of greater than 40 percent.

Peter Faricy, the newly appointed CEO of SunPower, commented, “Our solid first quarter results reflect the continued strong demand for our industry-leading solar and storage solutions in both our residential and commercial markets. We continue to see homeowners and businesses across the country looking for cleaner, lower-cost energy with resiliency becoming a critical factor in their decisions. SunPower is delivering the industry’s leading solutions today while investing in the highest growth markets including storage, energy services, and expanding our community solar efforts. With these strategic initiatives and favorable national policy proposals, we are on track to achieve our 2021 goals and drive growth in 2022 and beyond.”

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