RfS For 1200 MW Solar Power Projects Released (ISTS-IV)

The maximum tariff payable to the Project Developer is fixed at Rs 2.65/ kWh for 25 years.

1200 MW Solar Power

The Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) has released the detailed Request for Selection (RfS) document for selection of solar power developers (SPDs) for setting up of 1200 MW ISTS Connected Solar Power Projects (ISTS-IV) on a pan India basis.

The scope of work for selected bidders will include the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the 1200 MW ISTS-Connected Solar Power Projects in India. Additionally, Land, Connectivity and Long Term Open Access shall also be in the scope of the selected SPD.

All bidders have to submit an Earnest Money Deposit of Rs 4 lakh per MW of bid capacity.

The Solar PV projects will be built on a “Build Own Operate” (B-O-O) basis for an aggregate capacity of 1200 MW. SECI will enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the successful Bidder selected based on this RfS for the purchase of Solar Power for a period of 25 years based on the terms, conditions, and provisions of the RfS. The maximum tariff payable to the Project Developer is fixed at Rs 2.65/ kWh for 25 years.

Following conditions shall be applicable to the Bidders for submission of bids against this RfS:

(i)  A Bidder may submit a single bid for any quantity between (and including) 50 MW to 600 MW, which shall be quoted only in multiples of 10 MW, in the prescribed formats.
(ii)  The total capacity to be allocated to a Bidder including its Parent, Affiliate or Ultimate Parent or any Group Company shall be up to 600 MW.
(iii)  The evaluation of bids shall be carried out as described in Section-V of RfS.
(iv)  In case the Bidder wishes to set up more than one project, then the projects would need to be physically identifiable for the project capacity with separate boundary wall, separate injection points, and metering arrangement.

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