RfP for Transmission System for Evacuation of Power from SEZ in Rajasthan

REC seeking Transmission Service Provider to establish transmission system for the evacuation of power from SEZ in Rajasthan under phase II

The Ministry of Power has appointed REC Transmission Projects to be the Bid Process Coordinator (BPC) for the purpose of selection of bidder as Transmission Service Provider (TSP) to establish transmission system for transmission system strengthening scheme for the evacuation of power from solar energy zones (SEZ) in Rajasthan (8.1 GW) under phase II – Part A.

The Government of India has set a target for establishing a 175 GW renewable capacity by 2022, which includes 100 GW from solar. This includes a solar generation potential of about 20 GW in Rajasthan. The transmission system for evacuation of 8.9 GW under phase-I has already been taken up for implementation. Transmission system strengthening scheme for the evacuation of power from solar energy zones in Rajasthan (11.1 GW – 3 GW through intrastate) under Phase II, inter-alia includes evacuation of 1.05 GW in Bhadla complex, 2.2 GW in Fatehgarh complex, 1.9 GW in Ramgarh and 2.95 GW in Bikaner.

For integration and evacuation of power from generation projects in the above areas, a high capacity 765kV and 400kV transmission system interconnecting Bhadla-II, Fatehgarh-II, Sikar & Khetri along with the establishment of 765/400kV new substation at Sikar-II & Narela and 400/220kV new substation at Bikaner-II & Ramgarh-II have been planned.

The responsibility of the TSP would be to establish the transmission system as per the tender requirements on a build, own, operate and maintain basis and then provide transmission service to the Long Term Transmission Customers. The scheduled commercial date of operation for the 5 projects under the tender is December 2021.

The five projects are:

  1. Establishment of 400/220 kV, 4×500 MVA at Ramgarh – II PS with 420kV (2×125 MVAR) bus reactor,
  2. Ramgarh-II PS – Fatehgarh- II PS 400kV D/c line (Twin HTLS),
  3. Two 400 kV line bays at Fatehgarh- II for Ramgarh – II PS– Fatehgarh-II PS 400kV D/c line,
  4. Ramgarh –II PS– Jaisalmer-II (RVPN) 400 kV D/c line (Twin HTLS),
  5. Two 400 kV line bays each at Jaisalmer- II for Ramgarh – II – Jaisalmer-II 400kV D/c line

As per the tender, he TSP shall ensure that design, construction and testing of all equipment, facilities, components and systems of the Project shall be in accordance with Indian Standards and Codes issued by the Bureau of Indian Standards and only in case they are not available under certain conditions, the other equivalent internationally recognized Standards and Codes shall be followed, with prior approval of CEA.

And, the TSP shall obtain the Transmission License from the Appropriate Commission on such terms and conditions as specified by the Appropriate Commission.

To be eligible, the bidder must have experience in the development of projects (not necessarily in the power sector) in the last five years with aggregate capital expenditure of not less than Rs 500 crore. However, the capital expenditure for each project shall not be less than Rs 93.60 crore. Further, the net worth of the bidder should not be less than Rs 250 crore.

The last date for bid submission is December 21, 2020.

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