Renewable Energy Crosses 62 GW Mark Including over 16 GW of Solar Power

Solar, wind and thermal power cost around Rs 6 crore for each MW for making new limits according to industry data.


The nation’s renewable energy source limit remained at 62.05 GW by November 2017, which incorporates 32.75 GW of wind vitality and 16.61GW of solar power, Parliament was educated today. Power and New & Renewable Energy Minister R K Singh said in a written reply to the Rajya Sabha today “A total of 62.05 GW of renewable energy capacity has been installed as on November 30, 2017, which includes 32.75 GW from wind, 16.61 GW from solar, 8.29 GW from bio-power and 4.40 GW from small hydropower (up to 25 MW).”

The minister informed the House that the power created from these sources is encouraged into the matrix and after that used by dissemination organizations to give the same to consumers. The legislature has settled an objective of introducing 175 GW of sustainable power source limit by 2022, which incorporates 100 GW from solar based, 60 GW from wind, 10 GW from Bio-power and 5 GW from Small Hydro control.

In a different answer to the House, Singh said that tidal vitality can’t be directly tackled on business premise because of high capital cost extending from Rs 30 crore to 60 crore for every MW. Solar, wind and thermal power cost around Rs 6 crore for each MW for making new limits according to industry data.

Singh told the House that there is an expected capability of around 8000 MW of tidal vitality with 7000 MW in the Gulf of Kambhat, 1200 MW in the Gulf of Kutch in Gujarat, and around 100 MW in the Gangetic delta in Sunderbans in West Bengal.

The minister likewise told the House that the pinnacle control supply shortage in April-November this monetary was 2 for each penny in the nation as 160.75 billion units (BU) was provided against the pinnacle request of 164.06 BU.

Additionally, he informed the house that vitality shortfall was recorded at 0.7 for each penny in April-November this financial as 809.49 BU was provided against the request of 815.34 BU. As per the load generation balancing report of the Central Electricity Authority for 2017-18, India would progress toward becoming force surplus country.

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