Record Electric Vehicle Sales Worldwide in 2021: Report

Highlights :

  • Worldwide 6.5 million units of EVs sold in 2021
  • Tesla emerged as a leader in global markets, with Tesla Model 3 the top-selling electric car in 2021.
Record Electric Vehicle Sales Worldwide in 2021: Report

New electric vehicle (EVs) sales portrayed an ever-increasing trend last year. With a total number of 6.5 million units sold in 2021, the year saw almost every next month set a new record.

As per the report by EV Volume, in the last month of December alone, over 907,000 electric cars were sold, a nearly 60% increase over December 2020, across the globe.

The report illustrates that electrified car sales in December 2021 increased significantly from its November sales numbers, which were over 7,20,000. December electric cars contributed 11% of total sales globally. Further, a vast majority of new plug-in car sales were all-electric cars.

The report claims that in 2021, almost 6.5 million new passenger plug-in electric cars were registered globally. This is 108% higher than the 3.1 million units recorded in 2020. Of these, BEVs sold around 4.6 million units last year, a 69% year-on-year growth. Pegging a 31% year-on-year growth, PHEVs hit 1.9-million-unit sales. Evidently, one in every eleven cars sold worldwide in 2021 had a plug.

Tesla has been a leader in global markets. The top-selling electric car in 2021 was reported to be Tesla Model 3. Wuling’s Hong Guang Mini EV and Tesla Model Y follow on.

Country-wise, China’s contribution has been quite significant to the global shares in electric vehicle sales. Other European countries, especially Norway, followed the ranks, shows the present report.

Demands have been rising for electric cars across the globe. Last year, the number of new electric vehicle registrations went up, as their share in total vehicle registration increased as well. Unsurprisingly, there have been several reasons which are responsible for this rise in demand.

These include the increasing price of fossil fuel, tightening emission norms by governments, growing awareness around vehicular emission and its impact on global warming, etc. Moreover, the availability of a wide range of EVs in the market is also responsible for this underlying trend.

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