PVEL Is Now Kiwa PVEL After Formal Renaming

PVEL Is Now Kiwa PVEL After Formal Renaming

Netherlands-based Solar testing firm Kiwa Group has formally integrated three subsidiaries, PV Evolution Labs (PVEL), PI Berlin and Extel Energy, as integrated brands. The new entities will be called Kiwa PVEL, Kiwa PI Berlin and Kiwa ExTEL.

As market leaders in the service of solar photovoltaic (PV) and energy storage projects, PVEL, PI Berlin, and ExTEL Energy have previously operated in collaboration as members of the Kiwa Group. With this announcement, the organizations will now operate under the Kiwa umbrella, better signifying the relationship of these solar industry companies as integrated solutions providers under the Kiwa brand.

After the integration, PVEL will continue to provide extended reliability testing for PV modules and equipment, including its flagship Product Qualification Program (PQP).

Kiwa Group added PVEL to its portfolio in May 2021. PVEL has been seen as a leading independent testing lab and agency for solar manufacturers worldwide, respected for the quality of its research and findings.

ExTEL Energ will continue to perform inspections, analysis and technical advisory for PV plants. Extel Energy joined Kiwa Group in February 2022.

The third firm in the mix, PI Berlin will continue to offer all current technical advisory, risk management and quality assurance services for PV plants, modules, inverters, transformers and battery energy storage systems (BESS). PI Berlin was acquired by the Kiwa Group in May 2022.

Kevin GibsonSpeaking on the changes, Kevin Gibson, Managing Director, Kiwa, said ” “For years we’ve worked with PI Berlin and ExTEL Energy to help create trust in building the foundations of a strong solar industry. Now we’re able to more closely align our services to ensure our clients have the best possible quality assurance for solar procurement and project development into the future.”

As solar energy contributes to be one of the fastest growing sources of energy capacity available worldwide, the need for technical advisory and inspection services has grown. According to the IEA, solar PV accounted for the majority of all renewable capacity additions worldwide last year, with global generation expected to reach 1,991 TWh in 2024.


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