Piyush Goyal: NLC India to Bid for Railways’ Solar Projects

NLC entered into the solar sector with the commissioning of a 140 MW plant at Neyveli.

piyush goyal

In a significant development, Union minister Piyush Goyal said state-owned NLC India is working hard to bid for Indian railways’ solar projects.

According to the Minister, Indian Railways will start bidding process soon, “for expanding solar footprint of railways where NLC India Ltd is also having very aggressive plans and will be bidding very aggressively to try and get those contracts through the bidding process.”

Goyal further said, the company was now financing in solar projects so that it becomes an important player in the clean energy sector.

“They (NLC India) are also having discussion and dialogues with Indian railways,” Goyal added.

The company entered into the solar sector with the commissioning of a 140 MW plant at Neyveli.

While elaborating the company plans, Goyal said, “In renewable energy, they already have about 191 MW today. It will become 300 mw by March 2018; and by 2025 it’s actually 4,251 mw that they are planning. So almost 24 percent of their 13,700 mw will be renewable energy,”

Goyal also stressed that West Bengal government should approve for transfer of DVC’s Raghunathpur power project to NLC India Ltd.

“There is also a discussion going on…for transferring the Rahunathpur power plant from DVC to NLC India Ltd for which we are awaiting approval from the government of West Bengal for almost two years…I would urge the West Bengal government to give us approval so that we can transfer the Raghunathpur power plant,” Goyal added.

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