Oswal, Cosmic PV & Luminous Enter ALMM, India’s Capacity Touches 48 GW

Highlights :

  • Seven new production lines added 5.4 GW of new capacities.
  • Oswal Solar Structures, Cosmic PV Power, HQ Lamps, ADB Solar, RenewSys, Tata Power and Luminous enlisted new capacities.
Oswal, Cosmic PV & Luminous Enter ALMM, India’s Capacity Touches 48 GW Oswal, Cosmic & Others Enter ALMM, India's Capacity Touches 48 GW

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has now published its latest updated list of ALMM (Approved List of Models and Manufacturers), adding seven new entrants. With the addition of new domestic solar module manufacturing capacities, India’s total ALMM enlisted capacity has now touched 48 GW.

This was an addition of around 5.4 GW of new capacities from the last published list issued on April 29, 2024. The updated list indicated the presence of four new solar module manufacturing companies. It also witnessed addition of new production lines of three existing companies which came up with new capacities.

The companies which made its maiden presence in the ALMM list included-Oswal Structures, Luminous Power, HQ Lamps and ADM Solar. Three out of the four new entrant companies are based in Haryana while Luminous has its module manufacturing plant in Uttarakhand. 

On the other hand, Surat-based Cosmic PV Power registered its new production line with a capacity of 185 MW. On the similar lines, RenewSys saw enlistment of its new production line in Hyderabad with a capacity of 576 MW. Tata Power also reported an addition of 94 MW of new capacities coming from its new production line in Bangalore. 

New entries

Oswal Solar Structures, a subsidiary of the Oswal Group had been engaged in its main business of solar pumps. It recently setup its solar module manufacturing plant in Karnal and made an entry with 170 MW of capacity in the latest ALMM list but the company claimed that it has further plans to ramp up solar module manufacturing capacity in the DCR mono-PERC category.

Surat-based Cosmic PV Power had also talked about starting new production line in its latest interviews with Saur Energy. Cosmic already had an enlisted production capacity of 70 MW in the existing list. It came up with its new enlistment of 185 MW of new capacities for mono-PERC.  Luminous also recently launched its new solar module manufacturing plant where cricket luminary Sachin Tendulkar inaugurated the launch.

Leaders in ALMM

Oswal, Cosmic & Others Enter ALMM, India's Capacity Touches 48 GW

Total ALMM capacities by companies. Compiled by Saur Energy from ALMM List (May 24, 2024).

Nevertheless, the additions of new capacities have led to an increase in India’s total solar module capacities to upto 48 GW. An analysis of the ALMM list by Saur Energy indicated that Waaree continued to top the list with its total enlisted capacity of 10,775 MW. Second in the line is Mundra Solar owned by Adani Group with a capacity of 4100 MW. Others included–ReNew (3698 MW), First Solar (3212 MW) and Tata Power (3196 MW). 

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