OREDA Issues Bid For Rooftop Solar, Allows Virtual Net-Metering

Highlights :

  • OREDA’s tender for rooftop solar allowed installation of solar panels on the campus or off the campus.
  • The bid allows solar energy developers use net-metering or virtual-metering.
OREDA Issues Bid For Rooftop Solar, Allows Virtual Net-Metering Odisha Seeks Bids For Rooftop Solar On Govt Buildings Under RESCO

The Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) issued a tender seeking solar energy generators for installing rooftop solar systems under RESCO model. Under the model, the solar energy generator will install the rooftop solar systems in government buildings on and will charge the government rentals for their services. 

As per the tender documents, the interested parties can submit their technical and price bids by December 22. OREDA will open the technical bid on December 12. OREDA said that the state planned to adopt RESCO model for solar PV project installations across government buildings and institutions in the state. To undertake the works, a tripartite agreement will be signed. This will ensure increased deployment of rooftop solar in the state with a push from the government. 

“The energy generated from the Project shall be solely for the procurement of the beneficiary on payment of TPA Tariff as a result of the completion of E-reverse auction. The TPA Tariff shall be inclusive of all statutory taxes, duties, levies, cess etc. if applicable as on the last date of Bid submission. The TPA Tariff is a single levelized tariff for the Project and shall be applicable for all the 25 years of TPA period from the date of achieving the COD,” the OREDA tender documents on rooftop solar read. 

The OREDA tender said that there are two models under which the project will be undertaken. One included the use of net-metering with the installation of solar panels on the identified rooftop sites. In another model, OREDA will allow installations of solar projects outside the identified sites but within the same jurisdiction of the local discoms. The solar energy developers under this model can use virtual net meter for energy import, export calculations.

OREDA has also identified the region wise estimated capacity of each discom. Noteworthy, in Odisha electricity distribution activities are undertaken by Tata Power and its subsidiaries. In Odisha, there are four different subsidiaries of Tata Power which includes-TPCODL, TPNODOL, TPSODL and TPWODL. OREDA has allocated a total of 6,462 KW solar power capacity with the tender. The highest allocation has been made for the western Odisha discom-TPWODL. 

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