Order Wins, Strong Results Propel Green Energy Stocks on April 22

Order Wins, Strong Results Propel Green Energy Stocks on April 22

The renewable bandwagon continues on its merry way, with just two out of the 11 stocks in our basket, ironically enough, the largest firms by revenues failing to rise along with the market today. Whole Tata Power and JSW Energy missed out, for KPI Green Energy, Shakti Pumps, Inox Wind Energy and Waaree Renewable, a combination of strong results, order wins and general momentum ensured they hit the 5% upper circuit filters today. Sterling and Wilson Renewable did one better, rising 10% as the firm turned the corner with profits in the Q4 quarter, and now looks set to build on a strong order book and demand environment for the next few quarters.


Company name

Closing Price On April 19

Closing Price on April 22

Change %

Borosil Renewables Ltd 515.05 519.40 +0.84%
Waaree Renewable Technologies Ltd 2380.20 2499.20 +5.00%
Sterling and Wilson Renewable Energy Ltd 561.05 617.15 +10.00%
KPI Green Energy Ltd 1735.35 1822.10 +5.00%
SHAKTI PUMPS (INDIA) LTD 1606.60 1686.90 +5.00%
TATA POWER CO.LTD. 428.00 427.80 -0.05%
JSW Energy Ltd 626.35 610.40 -2.55%
SUZLON ENERGY LTD 39.41 40.87 +3.70%
Adani Green 1770.75 1795.00 +1.37%
Inox Wind Energy 6142.85 6449.95 +5.00%
SJVN 124.20 128.70 +3.62%

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