NTPC-REL Seeks Bids For 900 MW Project In Madhya Pradesh

Highlights :

  • Pre-Bid Conference and Last Date for receipt of queries from prospective Bidders is 27.05.2024
NTPC-REL Seeks Bids For 900 MW Project In Madhya Pradesh NTPC-REL Seeks Bids For 225MW Solar Project At GSECL Solar Park At Khavda

NTPC Renewable Energy Limited (NTPC-REL) has invited online bids for land and power evacuation packages for a 900 MW ISTS-connected solar project In Neemuch region, Madhya Pradesh.

NTPC-REL’s  tender document mentioned that the project requires government/private contiguous land of 5 Acres/MW on a freehold/leasehold basis near Neemuch ISTS substation in Madhya Pradesh, the lease period is to be 29 years and 11 months.

The document stated, “Government land is to be a maximum of 10% of the total land. The topography survey for land parcels and any cutting / Filling is expected to have 95% compaction as per standard Proctor density test, to maintain an average slope of 10% for Solar Project Land for installation of tracker-based MMS.”

The land requirement specified in the tender includes, “The slope of land would preferably be in one direction for at least 100m length in N-S Direction. Tree cutting with approval from concerned state/ central Govt. machinery and removal of any buildings or non-required structures. Providing water supply at every 250-acre land area through boreholes. Geotech Investigation for Pooling Substation and Transmission System only as required for Design of Foundations. Fencing of the offered Land including entry/exit gates (minimum 2 per plot) including security cabins (as per Tender Drawing) for Solar Project except Tr. Line related Land.”

For power evacuation-related works, “For the arrangement of grid connectivity with ISTS, the project invited to tender for design, engineering, supply, erection, testing, and commissioning of 220kV/400kV AIS pooling substation. The project included, a power transformer and associated SAS and protection for evacuating offered MW capacity and required reactive power.”

The tender is expected to develop, “Design and construction of EHV transmission line from pooling substation till ISTS sub-station as per technical specifications and relevant standards including arranging for the “Right of Way” of transmission line.”

Invitation for bids (IFB) date – 02.05.2024

The period of downloading of bidding documents is from 09.05.2024 to 23.05.2024 up to 17:00 Hrs (IST)

Pre-Bid Conference and Last Date for receipt of queries from prospective Bidders – 27.05.2024

Last Date and Time for receipt of bids comprising both Techno-Commercial Bid and Price Bid 10.06.2024 15:00:00 (IST)

Date & Time of opening of Techno-Commercial Bid – 10.06.2024 15:30:00 (IST)

Cost of Bidding Documents INR 22,500/- 

The technical criterion included, “The bidder should have executed at least the following works for grid-connected solar PV projects/solar parks or wind projects/wind parks or combination. The project is expected to have a cumulative capacity of 100MW or higher, out of which at least one project/ Park should be of 50 MW or higher capacity. Arrangement of land for the Project/Park.”

The financial criterion of the project included, “The project is expected to have an average annual turnover of the bidder to be not less than the financial figure as mentioned in for any three financial years. Out of the preceding five financial years as of the date of techno-commercial bid opening. It’s expected to have a total capacity minimum financial Figure 50MW to 300MW Rs 12.57 Crores > 300 MW Rs 4.19 Lakhs per MW”

For more details please find the document- https://ntpctender.ntpc.co.in/NITDetails/NITs/27078

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