NTPC Plans To Use Solar For Crematorium On A Pilot Basis

NTPC Plans To Use Solar For Crematorium On A Pilot Basis NTPC Plans To Use Solar For Crematorium On A Pilot Basis. Photo (AI) By-Freepik

NTPC is now planning to setup a crematorium that can use solar thermal technology. The Central Public Sector Enterprise (CPSE) has planned to take up this unique project on a pilot basis. The government entity had also issued a tender last month in this regard seeking developers.

NTPC said that the traditional ritual of cremation takes a heavy toll on the trees which can escalate the threats of global warming. The Indian power behemoth said that between 500 kgs-600kgs of wood are used to cremate a dead body for which many trees are felt.

NTPC has planned to set up crematoriums, close to NTPC facilities where mainly solar power could be utilized to cremate human bodies. On the other hand, it has also clarified that it could also use gas or other resources as a reserve fuel to undertake the work, whenever is needed. 

The government company in its tender document said that the cremation process would involve burning the dead bodies at very high temperatures (800-100 deg C) to ensure complete disintegration. The firm said that the whole process would need 90-120 minutes. 

NTPC said that for a Solar thermal energy-based cremation system the system would require consistently maintaining a minimum preheated temperature within the furnace of the crematorium through circulating heat-transferring fluid/material required for the cremation of the dead body. 

“Having, a full-fledged backup system utilizing gas or other suitable alternatives designed for use in non-sunny hours. In case there is shortage (up to 30%) in attaining the required temperature during sunny hours using only solar thermal system also, part of this back up system may be used as a supplementary backup to attain the required temperature. The system shall also see that flue gases are conditioned and safe for dispersal into the environment,” the NTPC tender document had said. 

NTPC said that solar thermal crematorium developers, crematorium manufacturers/suppliers, solar thermal technology developer/suppliers or EPC developers could participate in this project. 

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