MNRE Issues RLMM List For Wind Turbines

Highlights :

  • The RLMM list for wind energy is a key document to support SNAs, investors, lenders and developers in the sector
  • The list has a provision for revision every month for updates.
MNRE Issues RLMM List For Wind Turbines MNRE Notification

The Revised list of models and manufacturers (RLMM) for Wind turbines in India has none of the surprises one associates with the ALMM (Approved list of Module Maufacturers) list for solar producers. For where the ALMM list is restricted to domestic manufacturers for now, the RLMM list has as many as 9 out of 14 manufacturers that are foreign firms, or have licenses from foreign firms to make in India.

According to the MNRE, around 70-80% indigenisation has been achieved with strong domestic manufacturing in the wind sector. All the major global players in this field have their presence in the country and over 44 different models of wind turbines are being manufactured by more than 17 different companies, through (i) joint ventures under licensed production (ii) subsidiaries of foreign companies, and (iii) Indian companies with their own technology. The unit size of machines has gone up to 3.00 MW. The current annual production capacity of domestic wind turbines is about 8000 MW to 10000 MW.

That, and the fact that Wind energy is already struggling to find takers on a stand alone basis due to the widening gap with solar power, means any further protection would be counter productive for the growth of the sector.

The latest list also enjoins manufacturers type and quality certification by an Internationally Accredited Certification Body as a mandatory requirement for manufacturers of wind turbines and components and the both certifications should mandatorily include Hub and Nacelle assembly/manufacturing facility in India. The timelines for processing of RLMM applications are:

i. Online application for RLMM Registration by OE Ms – Last date 7th of every month (Soft copy through email and Physical Copy);

ii.  Review by MNRE- Written communication to the OEMs of any shortcomings/gaps by 30th of every month;

iii.  Replies to be filed with MNRE by OE Ms by 10th of the following month;

iv.  RLMM Committee to meet on 15th of every month and if 15th is a holiday, it will be held on the following working day; and

v.    RLMM list to be updated by 25th of every month.

The Concessional Custom Duty Certificates (CCDCs) regime also continues to apply, to encourage further manufacturing of equipment in India.

In 2021, solar capacity overtook Wind energy capacity for the first time in India, a lead that is expected to widen considerably in the coming years. However, Wind generation continues to lead till date, and actual solar generation will probably overtake wind energy generation only in another 3 months or more.

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