MNRE Invites Proposals to Develop Institutional Framework for ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ Implementation

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE) has invited proposals from eligible consulting firms for developing a long-term vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing ‘One Sun One World One Grid’ (OSOWOG).

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This is in line with the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s call for connecting solar energy supply across borders by giving the mantra of ‘One World One Sun One Grid’ while addressing the inaugural function of 2nd Global RE-Invest meeting of Indian Ocean Rim Association and the first assembly of International Solar Alliance (ISA) in Delhi.

ministry of new and renewable energy (mnre)

At that time PM Modi shared his vision by saying that “We have a dream One World, One Sun One Grid. We generate round the clock electricity from the Sun as it sets in one part of the world but rises in another part. Sun never sets for the entire earth.”

India’s motive behind OSOWOG initiative is to take another leap towards building a global ecosystem of interconnected renewable energy resources that are seamlessly shared for mutual benefits and global sustainability.

The OSOWOG initiative is planned across 3 phases:

  • Phase I (Middle East-South Asia-South East Asia (MESASEA) interconnection): Indian Grid interconnection with Middle East, South Asia and South-East Asian grids to share solar and other renewable energy resources for meeting electricity needs including peak demand.
  • Phase II (Solar and other Renewable Energy resources-rich regions’ interconnection): MESASEA grid getting interconnected with the African power pools to share solar and other renewable energy power of the countries located in solar and renewable energy-rich areas.
  • Phase III (Global interconnection): to achieve the One Sun One World One Grid vision.

Also, the World Bank has extended USD 625 million concessional loan to State Bank of India (SBI) to debt finance GRPV projects. As a part of this process, SUPRABHA a Technical Assistance (TA) program to accelerate the deployment of grid connected rooftop solar installations in India was also commissioned.

Besides, this TA Program is governed by the steering committee comprising of MNRE, SBI and World Bank. In line with this, the task of developing a vision, implementation plan, road map and institutional framework for implementing OSOWOG has been taken up by the TA Program.

The Ministry will be evaluating the proposals, select the implementing firm, supervising, driving all the activities and deliverables that will be implemented under this RFP by engaging the resources identified and allocated to ensure a single source of communication, comprehensive review, diligent monitoring towards achieving high-quality deliverables on a timely basis.

Thus, MNRE urges consulting firms to send their proposals electronically, comprising of the technical and financial proposal, at email-id: till 11:59 p.m. (IST), on July 06, 2020. However, the physical copy can be submitted till July 08, 2020, till 17:59 p.m.

The pre-bid meeting for the same will be held on June 05, 2020, and the deadline for submission of queries is June 15, 2020. Also, the estimated time for evaluation of the proposals & approval is 4 weeks.

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