Maharishi University Installs Solar Plant to Power up Campus

The project will brings quarter million dollars in savings to the university and has artificial intelligence and smart technology.

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Maharishi University in Iowa USA has installed a solar plant to power 40% of its electricity needs.

“We’re launching, just now the most advanced solar array on earth. The very sophisticated powerplant. It’s going to supply 40 percent of the electricity for the whole university,” said John Hagelin, President of Maharishi University.

The project will brings quarter million dollars in savings to the university. Having artificial intelligence and smart technology the panels follow the sun throughout the day

“It’s got an artificial intelligence learning computer that runs the positioning of all those thousands of solar panels to dodge clouds and to catch light reflected from the snow and to dump snow off the panels,” Hagelin explained.

The Maharshi university is the first one which has developed a renewable energy project of this magnitude.

“I am really proud of the university and the development of the education around sustainability, training students that are the future leaders that will go out into the world that develop projects like these, so we’re very, very proud of the university for this development,” said Mayor Ed Malloy, City of Fairfield.

“For me the biggest thing I could do is continue to support that investment tax credit at the federal level. That enables then the investment in these kinds of projects to make it affordable and then to moves us out of fossil fuels eventually too as a country and renewable energy is what we really have to move towards,” said Iowa Rep. Dave Loebsack.

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