Magenta Power Announces its New End to End Charging Platform the ChargeGrid Pro

Magenta Power Announces its New End to End Charging Platform the ChargeGrid Pro

Compatible with almost all EV Vehicles, the new series can be used to charge electric cars at any time with safety and convenience.


ChargeGrid Pro

Magenta Power, a renewable energy solutions provider has launched an end to end AC charging platform for Electric Vehicles under the “ChargeGrid Pro” series, which it proudly claims to the first such model in India.

Tackling the EV charging infrastructural problems in India, the company expects the new series to be an innovative solution, which combines easy installation and simple commission. Designed to suit Indian power conditions.

The model is in sync with the recent announcement made by the power ministry for charging infrastructure guidelines and by-laws, which based on the occupancy pattern and the total parking provisions in the premises of the various building types, should provide 20% of all ‘vehicle holding capacity’ at the premise for charging infrastructure.

The ChargeGrid Pro series comes integrated with state of the art Technology; wireless monitoring and data logging all enabled by the online and mobile platform. With no dedicated manpower for operations or collections, one parking lot can serve multiple users.

Speaking on the new launch, Mr. Maxson Lewis, Director – Magenta Power said, “We, at Magenta believe that EV adoption should follow a systematic and structured solution approach with a ‘Made for India’ philosophy. Trying to directly copy the international EV infrastructure models will not work. We are guiding many OEMs and townships in setting up the right infrastructure to make EV adoption easier and faster. There are multiple solutions that we are bringing to the market, solutions. Made in India and made for India’. We are sure that our next generation will have much cleaner roads to travel and breathe free”

Charge Grid will be made available at an introductory price of Rs 19,750.

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