Magenta Launches EV Charging Solution for Residential Complexes

Magenta Launches  EV Charging Solution for Residential Complexes

A business unit of Magenta, which was set up solely to focus on the EV eco-system largely charging solutions Magenta ChargeGrid has come up with what it claims is a solution for large residential complexes under their product range – ‘ChargeGrid Prisma’.

ChargeGrid Prisma is developed especially for solving the complex and multiple problems for EV charging at residential societies where not everyone has dedicated parking slots. This situation forced EV enthusiasts to resort to pulling wires from homes to parking areas; this was not only extremely unsafe, but of questionable legality, the firm claims.

By addressing multiple issues and involving multiple stakeholders, the new EV charging hardware is manageable to a multiuser profile. The user interfacing software integrates with the existing Facility management software of residential societies and reduces the pain of the society in managing the EV charging process.

ChargeGrid Prisma at Gundecha Complex

Magenta over the last year worked with multiple RWA (Residential Welfare Associations), Apartment Federations, and EV owners to understand the problem and solve each of these challenges. The outcome is this model which leverages the charging assets for EV charging across multiple users.

Although the pilots are in progress in multiple cities, one of the first to fully go live is at Gundecha Trillium, a large housing complex in Mumbai. This pilot was supported by Adani Electricity which is the utility supplier in the area.

Kerman Karkaria, Vice President – Special Projects at Adani Electricity mentioned “Making adoption of EV by facilitating EV charging is a key mandate at Adani Electricity and we are running multiple initiatives on this. Adani is proud to be work with Magenta in deploying solutions to make this possible at one of our key customer ends for residential EV charging. We will continue to work on EV deployment solutions for easily accessible to our consumers.”

“Magenta is committed to solving EV charging challenges with Made in India, Made for India solutions. We are a company that is actually talking to the users and understanding their pain points towards EV and solving them one at a time happy. This EV charging solution specifically for Residential Societies required solving multiple challenges across multiple stakeholders and we are happy that this initiative found so much goodwill and support from Adani Electricity and from even from housing society owners most of whom who do not have an EV yet but had to support such a green initiative,” stated Mr. Maxson Lewis, MD of Magenta.

He further added, “We will be launching this product, service, and solutions across select cities in India. We want to ‘empower electric mobility in India’ in its truest sense.”

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