Launch Of Vida V1: Hero Motocorp Officially Enters EV

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  • Vida V1 comes in two variants: Vida Plus for Rs 1,45,000; and Vida Pro for Rs 1,59,000.
Launch Of Vida V1: Hero Motocorp Officially Enters EV

India’s largest two-wheeler manufacturer, Hero Motocorp, has finally entered the electric vehicle market with the launch of its pioneer in the sector, Hero Vida V1.

Hero launched its first EV model V1 electric scooter at a starting ex-showroom price of Rs 1,45,000 under its new brand Vida on October 7. The scooter comes in two variants- Vida Plus and Vida Pro models. Vida Pro will cost Rs 1,59,000.

The company claims that Vida Pro offers a range of 165 km on a single full charge. The scooter goes 0-40 kmph in 3.2 seconds and can go up to a top speed of 80 kmph. Vida also claims that the battery gets charged from 0 to 80 per cent in just 65 minutes. The battery of the VIDA V1 Pro is rated at 3.94 kWh.

Vida V1 Pro

Vida V1 Pro

Vida Plus, the cheaper variant, gives a range of 143 km and the same top speed of 80 kmph. It takes slightly more time to go from 0 to 40 kmph – 3.4 seconds. The VIDA V1 Plus battery is rated at 3.44 kWh. The firm adds that the batteries will be good for three years or up to 30,000 miles.

Vida V1 Plus

Vida V1 Plus

Hero Motocorp took substantial time to enter the EV segment and considering the incredible attention to detail in the new model, it was worth the wait!


The Vida V1 comes with a split seat design. Behind the space, where it accommodates two removable battery packs, there is 26-litre under-seat boot space. On removing the back panel, you will discover the extended area allowing additional room for more of your stuff – like a helmet, purse, etc. Like a cherry on top, it looks sporty!

Customizable to Your Riding Habits

The new Vida model features three riding modes – Eco, Ride and Sport. But there is a fourth for your delight. This fourth option is fully customisable with 100 presets to modulate the regeneration, top speed and acceleration levels. A perfect ride spoiling you!

Battery Flexibility

Partnering with Bharat Petroleum(BPCL), Hero MotoCorp has been prepping charging infrastructure ahead of the Vida V1 launch. V1 comes with a removable battery. Thus, it can be charged conventionally, at home, and even with a fast charger. As and when swapping options become viable, the flexible scooter will not take much engineering to adapt to the swapping alternatives.

Well-organized Utility

The console is comfortably large – a 7-inch, TFT touch-screen display with Bluetooth connectivity. One cool feature is a Gameboy-style four-way controller on the left switch cube top that can toggle between the menus. Additional features include a neat two-way throttle for reverse mode and short pulses of boost in power for swift overtakes.

The limp home function of the Vida is another special attribute. If the SOC falls below a set threshold, VIDA V1 allows the rider to go at 10 kmph for around 8 kilometers.

Smart Looks

Last but not the least, the first of many more models to come from Hero Motocorp Vida look cool and smart. It has imposing LED headlamps on the front and LED daytime running lamps, while the rear end of the scooter is as stylish as is subtle.

Currently, the model is retailing in only three cities – Bengaluru, Jaipur and New Delhi. Although it has lesser reach than its current rivals, Vida V1 is bound to make waves in the two-wheeler EV segment, thanks to its distinctive features and look.

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