Jamshedpur To Be Illuminated By Solar Streetlights & High Masts

Highlights :

  • Each of 27 Zila Parishad Constituencies in Jamshedpur will receive 100 solar street lights and two high mast lights for installations.
  • The installation could also be increased, said the chairperson of Zila Parishad.
Jamshedpur To Be Illuminated By Solar Streetlights & High Masts

Jamshedpur in Jharkhand will soon be bathed under the solar lights as new plans are being charted for the industrial city and the area. Jamshedpur district has 27 Zila Parishad Constituencies or district council constituencies. Now Zila Parishad chairman Bari Murmu has said that each of the constituencies in Jamshedpur will receive 100 solar street lights and two high mast lights for installations.

Solar lights will be installed in suburban areas around Jamshedpur, including parts of Ghatshila, Dhalbhumgarh, Patamda, Boram, among others.

Each member of the zila parishad has a budget of Rs 12 lakh under the development plan, which will be utilized for the project.

Bari Murmu informed that a total of 2,700 solar street lights and 54 high mast lights will be installed in days to come. The project will be fructified using funds allotted under the 15th Finance Commission.

Reports indicate that sites will be identified in urban, suburban, and rural areas for the installation of lights. The chairperson mentioned that there has been a demand from various areas to install lights, prompting them to address the issue.

A meeting was held recently to make decisions regarding this project, and the chairperson stated that they are open to increasing the number of lights if necessary.

Solar Streetlights Elsewhere

Similarly, the Uttar Pradesh Government is transforming Ayodhya into a solar city which will be marked by the imminent completion of the world’s largest ‘solar-powered street lights line.’ The installation of 470 solar street lights is already underway, covering a sprawling 10.2 km stretch from Lakshman Ghat to Guptar Ghat, extending up to Nirmali Kund. It will be complete before the Januaryy 22 when consecration of Ram-Lala takes place.

The Sundarbans villages in the Kultali Range that faces geographical challenge in power connections would also be powered by solar energy. With the installation of solar street lights, close to 4,516 villagers will no longer be plagued by pitch-dark evenings. This is also an attempt to curb man-wild conflict, where snake bites have become a menace in the villages of Bhubaneshwar, Debipur, Modhho Gurguria, Purba Gurguria and Deulbari, Chituri Forest in Kultali range.

Research firm Astute Analytica has come up with a study which establishes that the global solar street light market is going to be $15.7 billion by 2030. The global street light market will register a CAGR of 17.12% during the period of 2022-2030.

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