IntriEnergy Bags Patent for its Solar Technology in India

Highlights :

  • India patent was granted on February 28, 2020 but the protection will be accorded from the original date of filing which is July 28, 2015.
  • The technology platform of IntriEnergy raises the level of energy output of a solar cell by upto 60%.
IntriEnergy Bags Patent for its Solar Technology in India

According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), Italy-based solar technology company IntriEnergy Inc. has been granted Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) protection in India for its technology that increases the productivity of solar cells.

IntriEnergy filed for a patent in India on July 28, 2015. Patent number 390862 was granted officially on February 28, 2022 but IntriEnergy will have patent protection from the original filing date.

The Indian patent has increased the intellectual property protection of IntriEnergy worldwide. In the past, IntriEnergy has received patent rights for the same innovations in the USA and Canada. The company has also applied with the European Union and Hong Kong also for IPR protection.

Jackie Coffey, Chief Executive Officer, IntriEnergy says, “Securing intellectual property protection is core to IntriEnergy’s forward-looking IP strategy. This enables the company to secure licensing, partnerships and joint venture opportunities with existing solar manufacturing companies seeking a competitive advantage in the $180 billion annual solar industry.”

IntriEnergy has come up with a Technology Platform that has three innovations that are considered a breakthrough in the solar industry. The technology raises the level of energy output of a solar cell by as much as 60%. Of the three innovations, D ARK anti-reflective coating on a solar cell increases its electricity production by 10 per cent. IntrinSiC silicon carbide captures sun irradiance by 40 per cent more. The quantum energy dots are meant to energize energy flow.

During the manufacturing of solar cells, the technology can be applied to enhance efficiency and reduce costs.

Jeffrey Whitney, EVP of Corporate Development, says, “With IntriEnergy’s 60% more energy technology, we can make a significant contribution to India achieving its goal of 280 GW of solar energy by 2030.”

IntriEnergy says, “Companies that license our technology will realize an increase in the energy output of their current solar panels from 400 watts to 640+ watts, without increasing panel size.”

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