Innowatts Deploys Grid Edge Solutions in US & UK

Highlights :

  • The AI-based solutions provider has partnered with the City of Fargo, North Dakota, US, and Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), UK, to deploy its grid edge management solutions.
  • The grid edge solutions help drive cost-effective reductions in carbon footprint while concurrently enhancing economic development by promoting green energy projects.
Innowatts Deploys Grid Edge Solutions in US & UK

Gurugram-headquartered Innowatts, an AI-based solutions provider, has announced the deployment of its grid edge management solutions in collaboration with several major partners- the City of Fargo, North Dakota, US; Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), UK; etc.- which are seeking to accelerate their energy transition.

Innowatts’ Grid Edge Management module enables fully automated and near real-time optimization of intra-connected DERs, including solar rooftop, battery storage, EV charging stations, and other electrification technologies. Alongside short- and long-term forecasting tools powered by granular behind-the-meter data, the Innowatts platform claims to enables energy providers to deliver smarter, leaner, and more reliable energy services to their consumers.

With data insights from its global portfolio of 44 million smart meters, Innowatts delivers powerful intelligence through an end-to-end platform, from granular usage and generation data to actionable hardware automation insights. This capability enables localized forecasting of demand drivers from native and new electrification technologies, as well as richer insights into the performance of DER assets, to enhance grid reliability and reduce providers’ carbon footprints.

The City of Fargo, North Dakota recently deployed Innowatts’ Grid Edge Management module to drive cost-effective reductions in its carbon footprint while concurrently enhancing economic development by promoting green energy projects. Fargo is utilizing Innowatts’ load forecasting capabilities and Grid Edge Management solutions at a new smart parking complex.

The Innowatts SaaS platform gives municipal leaders intelligent control of rooftop solar, battery storage, EV charging, and facility load to optimize energy consumption, and assists in the reduction of energy costs through lower peak electricity demand and optimization of distributed renewable energy assets.

Fargo also plans to leverage Innowatts’ platform to develop and implement optimal time-of-use pricing strategies to drive EV adoption — an approach that will keep energy costs low while enabling the provision of bundled parking/charging plans to attract city residents to nearby office buildings and businesses.

The smart energy initiative additionally provides municipal leaders and city planners with visibility into the integration of solar energy and EV battery charging, helping them build infrastructure to support Fargo’s role as a leader in municipal sustainability.

Mike Redlinger, Assistant City Administrator of the City of Fargo, stated, “Based on the insights provided by Innowatts, the City of Fargo is able to precisely measure the adoption and use of the EV charging station investments at the Roberts Common (RoCo) facility. With these insights we can drive marketing initiatives to bring more awareness to the clean energy alternatives available in downtown Fargo and drive more foot traffic for our local businesses.”

In the United Kingdom, Scottish and Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN), a distribution system operator serving 3.7 million homes, has leveraged Innowatts’ platform to accurately map future energy trends and DER uptake scenarios through 2035. With EV charging demand expected to triple the amount of power required at peak times of the day, Innowatts has helped SSEN to plan network reinforcement and identify potential DER hotspots over the next 15 years.

Seymour Lee, leader of Customer Success and Operational Experience for Innowatts, said, “At Innowatts, we’re committed to using best-of-breed AI analytics to give providers full visibility into this evolution, and empowering them to make smarter decisions, keep costs low, and deliver the sustainable and resilient energy their customers need.”

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