Indian Army Launches First Solar Plant in North Sikkim

Indian Army Launches First Solar Plant in North Sikkim

Seeking to harness renewable energy for the benefit of its troops working in remote conditions, the Indian Army has recently inaugurated the first green solar energy plant in Sikkim. The facility, which uses vanadium-based battery technology, was built at an altitude of 16000 ft. in the northern part of the state and has a capacity of 56 KVA.

Lt. Col P. Khongsai, Public Relation Officer (Defence) Guwahati, said that the project was was commissioned in collaboration with IIT Mumbai. Prof Prakash Ghosh, who teaches in the Department of Energy Science and Engineering, led a team of eminent faculty from the Institute who worked alongside the troops of the Indian Army to complete the project while dealing with extreme climatic conditions. The plant will not only be environment friendly but also ensure the well-being of the army personnel   who work in forward areas under challenging climate.

The announcement of the Sikkim project follows another revelation relating to RE made by the Indian army in the same month. On April 22, 2021, a 1 MW solar power plant was inaugurated by Lieutenant General C Bansi Ponnappa, General Officer Commanding, Vajra Corps, at Jalandhar Cantonment to celebrate the occasion of Earth Day. The plant was conceptualised and planned as part of the Army’s execution of the government policy to increase reliance on renewable energy and support the ‘Go Green’ initiative to promote sustainable development. Constructed at a cost of Rs 5.16 crore, the solar power project was dedicated to the Military Hospital and covers 5 acres of land. Under the project, a total of 3,176 solar panels of Indian origin have been installed to generate 1 MW of solar energy. The plant is expected to produce at least 15 lakh units of electricity annually or about 1.25 lakh units per month, which will amount to an approximate saving of Rs 1 crore per year to the government exchequer.

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