India Working on Clean Energy Mission With Collective Mindset: Piyush Goyal

Speaking at the first WSTS organised by ISA, Piyush Goyal has said that India is working on clean energy mission with a collective mindset.

Union Commerce and Industry & Railways Minister Piyush Goyal has said that India is working on clean energy mission with a collective mindset. Speaking at the valedictory function of the First World Solar Technology Summit (WSTS) organised by International Solar Alliance (ISA) on Tuesday, Goyal said that “the best part about India’s own engagement with clean energy is that we are working with a collective mindset, breaking all departmental silos and working to support each other to finally achieve a cleaner future for our future generations.”

The minister who has previously served as the new and renewable energy minister said that solar energy and new technologies will certainly power our tomorrow to make the world a cleaner and better place for living. “Going forward, we will have no choice but to be pure in our sources of energy & to be sure that we all participate in making this future happen & secure a better future for our children of tomorrow.”

Lauding the initiatives by the Petroleum and Natural Gas Ministry under Dharmendra Pradhan to usher in a gas-based economy in India, the Minister said that the game-changing & transformational initiatives will help the country’s smooth transit from the Fossil fuels to renewable sources of energy.

Goyal envisioned that one day power will almost become free in the world.

He said “I envisage India, which has a demonstrated capability to go up to 745 GW of solar energy alone, will be providing power to other parts of the world in their peak hours. I see an interconnected grid across the world. I visualise a world grid with transmission lines crossing oceans, such that we can transmit energy throughout the world.”

He said that the sun always shines in some parts of the world, the wind always gives its benevolence in the form of energy in some parts of the world, and water through hydro energy provides a source of power in different parts of the world.

Describing the decision at COP-21 summit in Paris to reduce carbon emission levels as the most important collective decision taken in several years, Goyal said “this was the most important collective decision for a better cleaner future for all. We had decided to work towards a cleaner & better future of our world, decided what each country would do to bring down carbon emissions & to collectively agree that it shall be a global responsibility of all stakeholders to address the challenge of Climate Change.”

Congratulating International Solar Alliance for gaining acceptance in over 100 countries, Goyal called upon all to join hands together to harness the infinite power of the SURAJ: S- Stable, U- Unconditional, R- Renewable, A-Affordable, J- Justice.

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