Husk Power Appoints Anubha Shukla Its Chief Commercial Officer

Husk Power Appoints Anubha Shukla Its Chief Commercial Officer Husk Power Appoints Anubha Shukla Its Chief Commercial Officer

Husk Power Systems (“Husk”) announced the appointment of Anubha Shukla as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO). Shukla has been leading the growth of Husk’s rural e-commerce business. She now takes on the additional responsibility of curating a digital-first growth strategy across the entire company.

Shukla’s diverse professional experience includes executive roles at global brands in strategy, project development, and sales and marketing, as well as business management within the distributed solar energy and engineering industries. A native of Uttar Pradesh, Shukla obtained an MBA from ISB Hyderabad and has managed teams across Asia, Africa, Europe and North America, a media statement from Husk Power said.

“Since joining Husk Power in 2021, Anubha has emerged as a leading expert in understanding the aspirations of a massively underserved community – the rural consumer. And she has developed a digital platform that provides value-added products and services to those consumers, which is now poised for exponential growth under her leadership,” said CEO and Co-Founder Manoj Sinha. “Anubha exemplifies one of Husk’s core values – ‘excellence is an attitude’. Her elevation to the C-suite is testimony to Husk’s commitment to building a diverse company that is a launchpad for future women business leaders.”

Added Shukla: “Rural communities are still largely an afterthought for most companies. As the CCO at Husk, I will be laser focused on creating products and services that are tailored to what I call ‘Generation Rural’.” Rural consumers spend hundreds of billions of dollars a year. It’s time to treat them with the attention and care they deserve.”

Husk Power said that its knowledge of rural markets, broad footprint in both off-grid and weak grid communities, and on-the-ground operations give it a distinct advantage in providing affordable and tailored solutions to rural consumers, especially the 3 billion people worldwide who still live without access to reliable power.

Husk Power Systems (“Husk”) is a clean energy company serving rural and peri-urban India and Sub-Saharan Africa. Husk Power claims that its AI-powered energy platform provides 24/7 renewable power to households, commercial customers, institutions and small factories. It also delivers a range of other products and services, including e-commerce and credit-financing of branded appliances for home and commercial use, as well as community-based solutions for e-mobility and the agricultural value chain.

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