Huawei Supplies Smart PV Solutions for 11 Solar Projects in Spain

Huawei Supplies Smart PV Solutions for 11 Solar Projects in Spain

Huawei, one of the world’s leading solar inverter manufacturers, has supplied its innovative end-to-end smart photovoltaic (PV) solutions for 11 solar projects in Spain.

PV Aljorra, one of 11 X-Elio Projects, Spain, 30MWac (photo source X-Elio)

PV Aljorra, one of 11 X-Elio Projects, Spain, 30MWac (photo source X-Elio)

These projects were developed by X-Elio, a specialist in the development, construction and operation of solar plants with a global presence in the Europe – Spain, Italy, United States, Mexico, Chile, Japan and Australia among others.

Now, all these eleven solar projects are operational in Spain.

As per the deal, Huawei has provided its SUN2000 string inverters, and smart transformer stations (STS), which work perfectly alongside the tracker system.

The optimal combination of smart inverters, STSs and trackers reduces string mismatch maximally and integrates the power supply with the trackers and communication management, significantly reduces the cost and improves the system’s energy yield.

As one of the successful and most technologically advanced solar projects in Spain to date, this represents a big milestone in the Spanish renewable energy industry.

Huawei boasts a rather robust PV market in Europe with nearly 8.5 GWac of PV inverter shipments. In Spain, Huawei has shipped to date a total of over 1.5 GWac of string inverters, adding additional value by providing customers with a lower LCOE.

These 11 projects totaling 455 MWdc are the first PV plants to be fully equipped with Smart Transformer Stations in Spain. The eco-design transformer is suitable for low self-consumption for higher yields and the robust design can protect against harsh environment, while compact 20’HC container design ensures faster and safer transportation.

Grid-connection of these projects has been achieved in a time- and cost-effective way, prior to the December 31, 2019 deadline.

Further, these projects are expected to be able to achieve an optimal LCOE.

X-Elio was awarded 455 MWdc solar projects in 2017 renewable energy auction in Spain, with a connection deadline of December 31, 2019.

Commenting on the project partnership, Lluis Noguera, CEO of X-Elio, said “we are very satisfied with the cooperation. This joint innovation project with Huawei is a result of X-Elio’s commitment to bringing on-line eco-friendly solar energy projects. This new solution with Huawei will enhance the sustainable development of Spanish electricity system.”

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