Hexagon Peak, Huawei Ink Pact for 200MW Solar Projects in Vietnam

Hexagon Peak, Huawei Ink Pact for 200MW Solar Projects in Vietnam

China-based one of the leading photovoltaic (PV) inverter makers, Huawei has entered into an agreement with Hexagon Peak, the project development arm of Hexagon Holdings Singapore, for Hexagon’s pipeline of 200 MW utility scale projects in Vietnam, which estimated COD in first quarter of 2021.


Commenting on the partnership, Hexagon Peak, Chief Executive Officer, Milan Koev said “Huawei is a company that combines all ingredients for industry leader – enormous focus on R&D, coupled with a true innovative mind set in enabling information and communication technology and IoT into smart, efficient, secure and reliable PV inverters.”

“We’re happy to team up with Hexagon Peak to help industries save energy and reduce emissions, building a low-carbon society. Our AI-Boost FusionSolar Smart PV Solution will help reduce LCOE (Levelized cost of electricity) and accelerate the grid parity process of the Vietnam market,” said Bruce Li, Regional Director, Huawei Smart PV Business APAC.

The inverter manufacturing company said that it’s FusionSolar Smart PV Solution has applied 102 GW all over the world till first half of 2019. The core value of higher yields, smart O&M and safe & reliable is widely recognized by customers.

Meanwhile, Dat Le, Managing Director of Hexagon Peak Vietnam added, “We have seen data comparing Huawei operated PV plants to others using different technologies and the yield gains with Huawei smart PV technologies are obvious. Their after-sales support center in Vietnam is impressive and as asset managers, the quality of our sleeping time is determined by just a few components and reliable inverters is a key.”

Hexagon Holdings is a solar project developer and asset manager, under the brand name Hexagon Peak. It was established in February 2019 and headquartered in Singapore.

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