Heraeus Unveils Next-Gen Series of its High-Performance Silver Pastes

Heraeus Unveils Next-Gen Series of its High-Performance Silver Pastes

Heraeus Photovoltaics, a leading supplier of metallization solutions to photovoltaic (PV) industry, has introduced the series of its newest and most advanced metallization pastes called SOL 7 series.


Moreover, this new paste line series includes 5 high-performing, high-efficiency pastes that are designed to meet the needs of PV cell manufacturers.

The company said that its next-generation SOL 7 Series pastes provide manufacturers with a variety of metallization solutions that can surge power output and efficiency across all mainstream solar cell technology.

While ensuring manufacturers on the newly launched series, Wen Zhou, President of Heraeus Photovoltaics, said that “cell manufacturers continue to search for new ways to deliver greater PERC efficiencies and improve module reliability. The newest additions to the SOL 7 Series paste portfolio are designed to help them achieve that.”

The new pastes in SOL 7 series include – SOL9671B, SOL6700B, SOL9390A, SOL7300, and SOL590. These are designed for specific manufacturing needs.

The SOL9671B series is a new generation front-side silver paste for PERC+SE, which offers ultra-fine line screen printing, superior metallization on ULDE plus SE, High Voc by extra protection on laser damaged selective emitter. It is suitable for single-print and dual-print. (>0.05 per cent Eta gain).

Furthermore, the next SOL6700B series of Heraeus’ paste is newly developed SOL6700 dual printing busbar paste which helps in realizing higher efficiency and lower manufacturing costs. It is compatible with a variety of mainstream cell technology like – Mono PERC, Multi, N-type and others. It provides excellent adhesion and a wide soldering window.

Besides, the SOL9390A series of paste is N-Type front side paste. It is compatible with double and dual printing, and provides cell manufacturers with better contact resistivity for p+ emitter. Moreover, this paste improves printability and line uniformity and will offer low metal-induced recombination leading to higher Voc. (> +0.1 per cent Eta gain).

However, another SOL7300 series of paste uses brand new glass chemistry to enable manufacturers in achieving high-performance N-type cells with TOPCon on rear. Also, the excellent contact resistivity is achieved even when fired at lower temperatures and supports ultra-thin poly layer.

Meanwhile, the next SOL590 series of metallization paste include features like excellent contact resistivity and unique low curing temperature by innovative silver powder improvements. The company claimed that this new low-temperature HJT paste delivers outstanding efficiency gain, greater adhesion and solderability, and can lower paste consumption (> +0.1 per cent Eta gain).

In May last year, the company had expanded its China and Singapore research & development (R&D) capabilities via setting up fully-equipped innovation centers.

Through establishing new innovation center in Shanghai, China, the leading supplier of metallization solutions to the photovoltaic industry, aimed to expand its local R&D capabilities. This center was set up to specifically focused on technical requirements of China-based customers such as current-generation of metallization pastes to accelerate customers’ speed-to-market.

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