Greenko’s Cloud Platform To Offer Discoms Energy Storage Solutions

Greenko’s Cloud Platform To Offer Discoms Energy Storage Solutions NTPC REL & Greenko Sign One of the World's Largest RTC Renewable Supply Agreement

Hyderabad-based Greenko Group has hit launched a cloud storage platform to offer discoms and industries energy storage solutions on demand. Mahesh Kolli, founder, president, and joint managing director of Greenko Group has been quoted as saying, “While the users can own the green energy project, storage would be offered as a service contract. The company has built an “Intelligent Energy Cloud Storage Platform”, which the project’s subscribers can plug into and utilise the energy storage. Industries need continuous dispatch of carbon free electricity which has the flexibility of gas and surety of coal. But in case of conventional power supply arrangements, the industry does not own the energy. But in the integrated energy storage, they will own the energy they get,”. Sheru, a startup that does the same on a smaller scale currently was featured in SaurEnergy recently.

It may be added here that Greenko recently started the construction of a 5.2 GW of integrated renewable energy storage project in Andhra Pradesh. With a storage of 10 GWh, 3 GW of solar and 0.5 GW of wind power, the project already has the support from such big guns as ArcelorMittal and Ayana Renewable besides stitching a tie-up with the Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI) to sell power to Bihar, Rajasthan and DVC.

Taking a leaf out of integrated cloud services like Amazon Web Services (AWS), Kolli said the storage network would also analyse demand-supply patterns, forecasting, energy management and dispatch adding further, “In its current raw form, solar energy is not supporting the demand, so the storage will provide a layer. Discoms today have to pay DSM (Deviation settlement mechanism) charges when the scheduled power is not dispatched. That risk and cost is also averted,”.

The energy storage system deployed by Greenko for the industries and the discoms is an “off-stream closed loop pump hydro system”, which Kolli said is not only sustainable but affordable also at half the cost of battery storage. India would need close to 50 GWh of pump hydro to meet the storage needs in tandem with the growth plans of solar and wind energy. “China is planning to have 200 GW of pump storage. A new growth strategy would need carbon-free electricity, which is cheap too. Greenko has been in this business since 2017, and now energy plus storage is, if not cheaper but at par with the non-pithead coal-based power,” Kolli said.

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