GoodWe Partners With Sunprime For Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed

GoodWe Partners With Sunprime For Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed GoodWe Partners With Sunprime For Solar-Powered Smart Cowshed

Leading inverter company GoodWe has announced a 500KWp solar project in India. This project marks the company’s first smart cowshed in the country, showcasing a potential model for energy independence in the nation’s dairy sector.

The smart-cowshed, powered with solar energy was commissioned by GoodWe in collaboration with EPC leader–Sunprime Energy Solutions. It was powered by GoodWe’s GW100K-HT Inverters. The inverter company said that this project is a significant endeavor that not only reduces dependency on conventional energy sources but also generates additional economic benefits. GoodWe’s cowshed project is situated at Dabar Hare Krishna Gowshala in Najafgarh, New Delhi.

Since its commissioning of the GoodWe’s cowshed solar project has significantly reduced the carbon impact, equivalent to planting as many as 14,000 trees. Generating over 60 MWh of clean energy to the grid every month, it also leads to additional monthly income, contributing to better provision of food and shelter for the 5,000 cows who inhabit the cowshed.

The heart of this transformative project are five GoodWe’s cutting-edge GW100K-HT inverters, equipped with features designed to enhance energy savings and productivity in solar installations which has made the GoodWe’s cowshed project a green project. What sets the GoodWe inverters apart is their robustness and resilience to harsh environmental conditions. The feature of IP66 and C5 protection ensures the reliability and safety of the photovoltaic system.

The owner of Dabar Hare Krishna cowshed remarked, “We have been using the plant for the past year, and the results have been impressive. Such solar power projects pave the way for its extension nationwide, which should be installed in every cow shelter. ”

The launch of the smart cowshed project is a celebration of innovation, sustainability, and self-reliance. It serves as a testament to GoodWe’s commitment to sustainable development that extend beyond human communities. Embracing an energy transition approach mindful of animal welfare, GoodWe is pleased to play a part in this transformative journey. GoodWe, in the last few years have brought several inverters and energy solutions for the renewable energy sector in India. In the recently held REI Expo at Greater Noida, the firm had also unveiled its 350Kw power inverters. It also claimed to have robust string inverters for the utility-scale solar projects in the country. 

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