Golden Concord Arm Gets Shingled Solar Modules’ Patent in Australia

This will further enhance patent portfolio of Golden Concord Arm GCL System.

One of the leading one-stop intelligent and integrated energy system providers GCL System Integration Technology Co. Ltd (GCL System) has received a patent for its shingled solar cell modules from IP Australia.

This will further enhance patent portfolio of Golden Concord Arm GCL System.

The company said that it has been granted patents in both Australia and China and is expected to help GCL System further in establishing its presence in the world’s high-end markets. Besides, it has a patent-applying status in the US and Japan.

Shingled cell technology refers to a mainstream manufacturing process of high-density modules used within the photovoltaic industry. It’s has various characteristics including – higher efficiency, higher power output and comparably lower balance-of-system (BOS) costs.

Industry insiders estimate that if this technology is adopted along with the incorporation of SE-PERC high-efficiency cells continues to further increase this year, the shingled module power of 60-type can be expected to increase to 340-350W, the company said in a statement.

It further added that, when compared to 270W modules popularized in 2017, this represents an increase in power output of 80W in just two years.

GCL said that, the key point of this technology is to revolutionize the module-level technology of high-efficiency modules, which has resulted in an influx of investment by PV companies into the research and development of large-scale manufacturing of shingled cell modules.

Increased shingled module production capacity has led to higher application rates and widespread industry acceptance of the modules in several major high-end markets, including Europe and Japan.

These modules are typically used in high-efficiency application scenarios. The aesthetic design of these modules also makes them ideal for use in distributed residential rooftop.

Meanwhile, the company is expected to improve its competitive advantage and continue its expansion into high-end markets with continuous technological breakthroughs.

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Manu Tayal

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