Global Power Industry Contracts Slip 9% in Nov

Global Power Industry Contracts Slip 9% in Nov

The global power industry contracts activity saw a decline of 9 percent with 269 contracts announced in the month of November this year, against the last 12-month average of 296 contracts, as per the GlobalData.


According to the data and analytics company, Asia-Pacific secured the top position with 91 contracts and 33.8 percent share during the month of November in 2019, while Europe got the second position with 78 contracts and a share of 29 percent. On the other hand, North America secured the third position with 56 contracts and a share of 20.8 percent.

Moreover, Middle East and Africa remained on the fourth place with 25 contracts and a share of 9.3 percent. Whereas, the fifth place was clinched by South and Central America with 19 contracts and 7.1 percent share, the report added.

However, on the basis of the past 12-month average, Europe is leading with 116 contracts, followed by Asia-Pacific having 76 contracts.

On the basis of technology in November 2019, the report further mentioned that, wind energy enjoyed the largest share of pie with 86 contracts and 36.8 percent, followed by solar energy with 79 contracts and 33.8 percent share and thermal energy with 42 contracts and 17.9 percent share respectively.

On the basis of segment bifurcation, generation equipment was the most popular segment in the month of November this year, with 108 contracts, followed by power plant with 86 contracts and electricity procurement with 36 contracts.

As per the report, the proportion of contracts by category in November 2019, the supply & erection secured the top position with 121 contracts and 45 percent share, followed by project implementation with 76 contracts and 28.3 percent share, the power purchase agreements (PPA) remained on the third position with 35 contracts and 13 percent share, followed by repair, maintenance, upgrade & others on the fourth position with 21 contracts and 7.8 percent share respectively.

In the fifth place was consulting & similar services with 15 contracts and 5.6 percent share, and in the sixth place was electricity supply with only one contract and 0.4 percent share.

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