GE Renewable Energy Plans to Become Carbon Neutral in 2020

GE Renewable Energy has announced its plan to make 100 percent of its operations carbon neutral by the end of 2020.

GE Renewable Energy Carbon Neutral

GE Renewable Energy has announced its plan to make 100 percent of its operations carbon neutral by the end of 2020. GE Renewable Energy will reach carbon neutrality by reducing emissions through operational efficiencies, securing renewable electricity supply to all GE Renewable Energy sites throughout its operations for wind, hydropower, energy storage, and grid businesses – and balancing remaining emissions with the purchase of carbon offsets to achieve a net-zero footprint.

Jérôme Pécresse, CEO, GE Renewable Energy said, “This is a decision that makes business sense. Energy efficiency, waste reduction, and renewable power sources will ultimately combine to lower the operating costs of our business. I am confident our journey to carbon neutrality will contribute eventually to the growth of our business and also to the overall sustainability efforts driven by the renewable energy industry.”

Danielle Merfeld, CTO, GE Renewable Energy said that by pursuing carbon neutrality, the firm will gain the first-hand experience to further champion the sustainability goals of its customers and other partners. “It’s our priority to walk the talk in our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint.”

The company has already contributed to corporate sustainability efforts worldwide, providing wind, storage, and grid integration technology and services to some of the world’s largest companies, so that these parties can reach individual sustainability targets.

The company will partner with Natural Capital Partners for strategic advice to reach carbon neutrality by the end of 2020. Natural Capital Partners will also be able to provide carbon offsets and energy attribute certificates tailored to the firms’ specific requirements, meeting its carbon-neutral goal. GE will report upon its progress regularly, providing shareholders with a roadmap for how the company is tracking against its goal.

Stephen Killeen, Chief Executive Officer, Natural Capital Partners said that GE is showcasing its leadership on climate action through its carbon neutral program and delivering positive impact now while national commitments to reduce carbon emissions continue to lag behind.

“By choosing to be CarbonNeutral, as supported by the CarbonNeutral Protocol, GE Renewable Energy is assured that it is following best practice in meeting its carbon neutral commitment and we are very pleased to be working with them to deliver a high quality, high impact climate program.”

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